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Kundali Milan or Kundali matching

Kundali Milan or Kundali matching   as per the Vedic astrology is an important ritual before marriage in India. Kundali matching is considered as a blue print of the life of two different people going to spend their lives together.

Kundali Matching Boy  Free Kundali Matching For Marriage
free kundali matching for marriage

It talks about the similarities and differences of two individuals. It gives a fair idea of how compatible two individuals are. This can also be considered as a compatibility test tool which can help take a decision before marriage.  There are eight Gunas that are considered to ascertain how compatible two people can be.

The different Gunas have different numeric values totaling up to 36. The sum of the calculated values as per the horoscopes gives the compatibility %. The higher the score, the more is the compatibility. In total, there are eight Gunas that are considered to ascertain how much compatible two people can be. Out of 36 Gunas there should be a minimum score of 18 for a preferable marriage

There are lot of sites these days that provide free Kundali matching online. One can rely on these sites as lot of time astrologers also rely on them.

There are two ways a Kundali can be matched – by name or by date of birth. A lot of people tend to change their name so if you know your birth name -the name that is decided basis on the moon sign (the zodiac where moon was located at the time of birth) you can match Kundali with your name.

Marriage is an institution of love, care and bonding. The attitudes, behavior, priorities and interests of the two partners coming together in marriage is very important to make it successful. Not to forget, that this is a tool that can just help highlighting similarities but the actual action needs to be taken by the two individuals. No matter what the score is sheer commitment and love can definitely make a relation work.


Sun Sign vs Moon Sign and Calculate Signs



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Through Moon Sign Astrology, Moon Zodiac and Chandra Rashi are the most crucial factor to predict about a person’s health, attitude and wealth. In Vedic Astrology, Moon Signs are considered to be more important than Sun Signs. In accordance to the Vedic Astrology, Moon Sign should be considered as the center of birth chart in place of rising sign or ascendant. There are many secrets which are not revealed by the sun signs but can be easily known through the moon signs. mPanchang Moon Sign Calculator gives you the most accurate calculation of your Moon Sign.


At the time of birth, Moon Sign is known as the Janma Rashi or Rashi. Moon Sign is considered to be the Zodiac in which the moon was located during the time of birth. As we know that, zodiac is having an elliptical shape. In order to calculate various calculations of astrology, the elliptical shape is considered to be the circle. The elliptical shape is divided into 12 equal parts which are known as rashis. The rashi birth is evenly situated with the position of moon.




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In Astrology, two types of Zodiac Signs are used. First is the Moon Zodiac and second is Sun Zodiac. The Sun Sign Astrology is based on the Western Astrology Method and the planet Sun. Sun constellation and Sun ascendant are considered as the main factors in it. The Sun Sign or Surya Rashi is considered to be the Zodiac in which the Sun was located during the time of birth. Luck, money, fame, confidence, strength and ambition are reflected through the Sun constellations. mPanchang Sun Sign Calculator gives you the most accurate calculation of your Sun Sign.

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Calculate your Sun Sign according to the date of birth by mPanchang Sun Sign Calculator. It will showcase information about your personality, traits, favorable days, favorable stone, favorable color and direction.