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Indian Holidays | List of Indian Festivals Calendar with Holidays

Indian Holidays Calendar – National Holidays

Indian calendar offers a complete list of the important dates of a particular year. From Indian festivals to Indian Holidays , this calendar provides you detailed information about the important occurrences in a year. Apart from being one Indian Festival Calendar, it also features all the Government and Indian National Holidays. Also, Indian National Calendar which is the Saka Calendar is the official calendar recognized by the Government of India along with the Western Gregorian Calendar. The Saka Calendar is determined on the basis of Hindu months or tropical Zodiacs.

India is a nation where people with diverse cultures and lifestyle reside together and celebrate every important day with happiness and enthusiasm. So a detailed Indian Holidays Calendar proves to be a quick reference when one wants to find out which festival or important occasion is falling on what date. Through this you can find out about the important days of every religious community including Sikhs, Hindus, Jains, Muslims and Christians.

Indian Festivals List 2017

The date for Indian Festivals are ruled by the Hindu Calendar depending upon the ‘Tithi’, Lunar Months, fortnight and several other factors. Indian National Holidays fall on the same date every year including

26th January – Republic Day

15th August – Independence Day

2nd October – Gandhi Jayanti

As per 2017 Indian Calendar, the dates of some important upcoming festivals include

25th August: Ganesh Chaturthi and Ganpati visarjan

29th September : Maha Navami

30th September : Dussehra

8th October : Karwa Chauth

When is Diwali 2017 19th October : Diwali 2017

21st October : Bhaiya Dooj

25th December : Christmas

There are dates of some occasions which are governed by certain external influences such as the appearance of moon especially in case of Islamic festivals.

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