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Today’s Choghadiya – Hindu Panchang Auspicious Time


Choghadiya means a combination of four ghadis. According to Hindu calendar, a ghadi means 24 hours so, Choghadiya roughly sums up to 4×24 i.e. 96 hours. Choghadiya timings should be referred for any new undertakings in life. There are four good Choghadiya that are considered to be very auspicious to start anything new. These are, namely, Amrit, Shubha, Labh and Char Choghadiya. mPanchang provides you with the today’s Choghadiya timings to conduct Puja and havana. Timings to conduct Diwali Puja are also calculated according to Choghadiya and their falling in a day. There are three bad Choghadiya as well, starting any new venture during that period is considered to be highly inauspicious. The 3 bad Choghadiya are: Rog, Kaal, and, Udveg Choghadiya. If the Choghadiya falls between the time of Sunrise and Sunset, it is known as day Choghadiya, whereas, if it falls between the Sunset and next Sunrise, it is called as night Choghadiya. Choghadiya today timings are available at mPanchang.