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Chinese Gender Prediction Calculator

‘Is it a boy or a girl?’ It is one question that almost all to-be parents come across before the ultrasound reports are in. It is indeed a fact that the anxiety to find out the gender of one’s unborn baby is paramount and there are several methods which one can use to find out the same. One such method is Chinese Gender Prediction Chart. Though this method does not come with a scientific proof, but the accuracy of the results tell another story. A Chinese Gender Predictor is used by several prospective parents across the globe to determine the gender of their unborn baby. So, what exactly is Chinese Gender Predictor and how is it used to find out the gender of the baby? Let’s find out.

What is Chinese Gender Predictor?  

A Chinese gender predictor calculator is essentially a tool that predicts the gender of an unborn baby with the help of the lunar age of the mother and the lunar month in which the baby was conceived. This tool is also used by parents who are trying to conceive to plan the best months to conceive in accordance with the gender of the baby that they desire.

How to use a Chinese Gender Predictor Calculator?

There are several Chinese Gender Predictor Calculators available online which one can use without any hassle. As the age and conception month is as per the Chinese Lunar calendar, it is imperative for one to first find out  the same; these free online prediction calculators automatically convert the age and month to the lunar ones and provide you with the accurate results within minutes.  Apart from Chinese gender predictor calculators, there is another convenient technique which one can use, i.e. the  Chinese Gender Prediction Chart. This chart is basically in the form of a graph table with the lunar age of the mother on one side and the month on the other. It pictorially depicts the gender of the baby against a particular age and a particular month. On taking a closer look at this chart, one can easily infer that a woman when young i.e. till the age of 24, is more likely to have a boy and in her later years till the age of 32, the chances of having a baby girl are high.

Chinese Gender Predictor Accuracy 

A Chinese Gender Prediction calculator is not associated with any scientific claims. But, several studies and surveys prove that  a Chinese gender predictor accuracy percentage goes up to a whopping 90%. This tool is used by approximately 3 million people till date and the accuracy of the results is surprisingly precise which has ultimately led to an astounding increase in its popularity among people world over.

There are several websites which provide free Chinese gender predictor tool. You just need to fill in the details to get the most accurate results in the shortest span of time. So, do not fret much and take up our free Chinese gender predictor test to find out the gender of your unborn baby.