Choghadiya | Choghadiya Muhurat | Today Choghadiya Muhurat

Chaughadiya is done in the western states of India. This procession is used exclusively for the purchase and sale. Under this, time is divided into diseases, utopias, variables, benefits, elixir, time, auspicious, trick etc.

Chougadhya  Muhurta is based on the sunrise, so for every city, there is a change in its time.


What is chaughadiya

In Choughadiya 24 hours are divided into 16 parts. One fall (clock) is about 22 minutes to 20 seconds. Four incidents (shocks) are taken in a Muhurta.

Its name has been called “Fourth” by four incidents. This type of 08 Muhurat days and 08 Muhurat come in the night. It is about 1.30 hours in each mahurat.

This is the easiest way to remove this muhurta. A total of 112 Muhurt is formed in addition to day and night in each week.

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On Tuesdays – Diseases, Industries, Variables, Benefits, Amrit, Periods, auspicious in this sequence, these Muhurt come. These are of seven types.

When to Use Chaughadiya?

These muhurats are used to know the auspicious time of worship in day and night. It is used to start the journey for the special purpose.

Due to the use of Chaugadia to celebrate family celebrations and festivals, today it has come in the category of special mausoleums.

Which Muguet is auspicious/ominous in Chougadiya?

Chougadhya Muhurat is considered to be the most unwholesome, profit, auspicious, variable to the middle level. Misfortune, disease and time are considered inauspicious. In this also gives special auspiciousness in celebration of puja, celebration.

In the benefit time, variables and auspicious expanses can be used to purchase the work of purchasing and selling dynamic goods.

Similarly, starting the journey in the time of sickness is not considered auspicious according to its name.

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The Chaughadiya calendar is a form or part of the Hindu Vedic calendar. There are days, constellations, dates, yoga and Karnas given for each day.

For each city or place, there is an automatic correction of sunrise and sunset. If there is no muharut for any work, and if the work is to start fast or if it is necessary for a visit, then it is the law to look at the Choughadiya Muhurta.

According to astrology, it is best to work or travel by seeing the four-day Muhurta.

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For a date, a roundabout is fixed for eight and eight hours of the day and night. Thus, for 12 hours and 12 hours of the night, each one has 90 rounds, that is 1.30 mins, which starts from the sunrise.

Thus the four wings of seven warriors are different. Generally, good quarries are considered to be auspicious, playful, elixir and profit, and bad quarrels are considered as aggravation, disease and time.

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What is Rahu Dosh? | Rahu Kaal | Rahu Kalam | Rahu Kaal Today

I expect you are alluding to Rahu Dosha, or the Rahu ruled day and age in a man’s life. This is an 18-year time frame that depends extraordinarily on the position and quality of Rahu, it’s master, and planets influencing Rahu.

What is Meant by Rahu kalam?

Ketu, Rahu will expect the qualities and shades of those planets administering it and conjunct it.

So it is basic while anticipating your Rahu Dosha results to take a gander at all the planets impacting it.

Rahu Kaal

Rahu Dosha will, for the most part, get some turmoil sooner or later inside the 18 years. This is on the grounds that Rahu is about material want.

It is a planet of dream and duplicity. It will maneuver you into something just to in the long run uncover an alternate truth out and out.

I just as of late left my Rahu Dosha in September of 2014 and I can state that it is, in fact, a precarious era.

I experienced numerous highs and many lows, yet Rahu did its activity and I left the period having taken in the lessons it came to show me.

My Rahu is set in the sixth house and through my trials, with mental and physical wellbeing I wound up noticeably taught and figured out how to idealize my wellbeing and am currently instructing others to do likewise.

Rahu Kaal Time (Also known as Rahu Kalam)

Rahukaal (additionally spelled as Rahukalam, Rahu Kaal, Raukaal, Raahu Kal, Raahu Kaal, or Rahu kalam) or the time of Rahu is a sure timeframe consistently that is viewed as foreboding for any new pursuit as indicated by Indian Vedic crystal gazing.

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In Hindu Vigyan, Rahu Kaal is one of the 8 fragments of the day and considered the unfavorable period in Indian soothsaying because of its relationship with malefic, Rahu.

The fragments are computed by taking the aggregate time amongst sunrise and sunset, at a given place, and after that isolating this time length by 8.

Cosmically in the Hindu Panchang Panchangas, the consistently fluctuating planetary setups imply that the promising hours amid every day won’t generally fall at a similar snapshot of time.

Rahu Kaal (Raahukaala), Yamagandakaala (Yama Ghantam) and Vishaghati are the eras which are particularly viewed as unfavorable or unfortunate (Ashubh).

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The planets as indicated by Indian stargazers are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

Rahukaal (Raahukaala) and Gulikakaal (Gulikakaala) are figured in view of these planets. Despite the fact that Rahu and Ketu are not physical bodies, they are touchy focuses on the convergence of the ecliptic (the evident way of movement of the Sun) by the Moon’s circle.

Rahu is the northern point and Ketu is the southern point. Antiquated cosmologists felt that the compelling Rahu and Ketu have the quality to cloud the sun, in this way causing a sunlight based obscuration.

Thus it is viewed as unfavorable to start any endeavor amid this “Rahukaal”.

Consistently this Rahukaal goes on for around an hour and a half, yet the span contrasts as indicated by the length of the time between sunrise to sunset.

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To compute Rahukaal, the time between the sunrise and sunset is separated into 8 units or time-gatherings, which time-gathering will have the Rahukaal relies upon the weekday.

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Astrology Lacks Meaning and Evidence

Why Science Says Astrology Lacks Meaning and Evidence?

Credit: skeeze/pixabay

S.K. Arun Murthi teaches philosophy of science. His areas of research include epistemology and metaphysics of science, Indian philosophy and political philosophy.

Vasudevan Mukunth’s article, ‘How Much of a Problem Is an Astrology Workshop at IISc?‘, urges us – rightly so – to think about what will eliminate one’s vulnerability to beliefs in astrology. The reason why such superstitious beliefs take root, even among the so called educated, is due to a fear of an uncertain and insecure future. And this fear makes one forsake evidence and meaning as a guiding principle of our thinking. This, among other reasons, makes one vulnerable to astrology.

Peter Achinstein, a philosopher of science, has written a book titled The Book of Evidence. The book delineates the different conceptions of evidence and meaning analysis, particularly with respect to the relationship that an experimental observation has to a scientific hypothesis. Whatever the concept of evidence that Achinstein was trying to describe, the idea of evidence seems to be lacking in the obscurantist beliefs of astrology. The idea of meaning also seems to be absent.

If astrology is about how planetary positions influence humans, then what exactly does the ‘strength’ of a planet mean as far as humans are concerned? This is not made clear. Meanings in such cases have to be made clear in empirical terms – by deriving meaning from observational correlations.

For example, there is a certain astrological concept called shukra asta, a period of around two months or more during certain parts of the year. According to astrological traditions, no auspicious ceremonies are to be performed during this period.

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An internet search revealed that, according to astrological texts, planets come very close to the Sun at certain times of the year. As a result they lose their brightness, or lustre, with respect to the Sun. This is symbolic of a planet losing its strength, resulting in shukra asta (Sanskrit for ‘combustion of a planet’). The implication for astrology is that shukra asta robs the beneficial effects of the planet.

From this, we can infer that a planet’s strength stands for the intensity or brightness of its light, and such strengths or brightness symbolises certain good and bad effects for human lives. However, this explanation is puzzling because no planet has a light of its own. It only reflects the light of a star. Thus, to speak of the brightness of a planet being blunted because of its proximity to the Sun is empirically meaningless.

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There are many people who have been exposed to school-level science and who attempt to provide a rational defence of astrology. Their superficial argument of how planets influence human beings, stemming from an evident lack of understanding, goes typically like this: Planets (in astrology, this includes the Sun and the Moon) influence Earth. Therefore, they influence water bodies that, in turn, influence the lives of living beings. This is essentially an appeal to Isaac Newton’s and Albert Einstein’s laws of gravity.

But this is demonstrably naïve. Of course, the gravity due to one object influences every other object – but the assumption is that these objects ought to be quite heavy for their effects to be perceptible. Second: the attractive force between two massive bodies is a physical force. So the question arises: how can the gravitational force exerted by a planet be able to affect out love lives, matrimonial prospects, business affairs, etc. – in other words, the typical issues that astrologers deal with? Can astrologers or astrological texts establish a literal causal relationship?

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The flyer for the workshop proposed in the IISc campus (which stands now cancelled) described astrology as “a scientific tool for individual progress”. Individual progress is a matter of human activities (such as those listed in the previous para) and aspirations. Other animals that we inhabit our Earth with do not have to bother with these things and so astrology does not matter to them. Then again, this is precisely the point: how can there be natural influences on our socially constructed practices and behaviours, the evaluation of which is also socially constructed?

For example, to be successful at something is to achieve a specific set of outcomes that our society has evolved. So planets guided by natural laws can’t have any say in whether a person will achieve those outcomes. In fact, any such connection in this context will either be completely alien to us or, of course, simply meaningless. The astrological texts that do claim to make this connection will have resorted to metaphors. There is, as a result, a complete lack of meaning and evidence.

Such analytical demand for meaning and evidence is usually met by appealing to something unquestionable, such as a tradition. However, the excuse of a tradition is easily invoked as a shield whenever beliefs like shukra asta are threatened by rational sensibilities. If a tradition is taken as ground for belief – a ground where neither reason nor empirical thinking operate – then tradition becomes connected to ignorance, such as is the root of all superstitions some people adhere to in the name of tradition. It is time that a society guided by such baseless traditions works to right itself, and that TV channels stop airing nonsensical programs on astrology Wikipedia.

Tradition is mostly a construction of beliefs that have been handed down over a period of time in oral or written forms. Unfortunately, very little of the knowledge that is passed down bothers to remember the rational or empirical components involved in the original construction of the beliefs. This is the thing about tradition that people clinging to outdated and irrational notions fail to understand.

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Mercury Retrograde 2017 – Planets Retrograde Position

Mercury Retrograde is a plenary process that repeats itself thrice or four times a year.

Mercury, being the closest planet to the Sun, it going through retrogression impacts the life of human being and general life quality on earth.

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What exactly happens in Mercury Retrograde?

There are two aspects for Mercury Retrogression. One is astronomical and the other is astrological.

mercury retrograde
                                            Mercury Retrograde

Here we shall discuss the astrological aspect in detail but leaving aside the astronomical aspect will not give the in-depth knowledge of the celestial phenomena.

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It takes Mercury which is nearest to the Sun 88 days to complete the orbit around the Sun. The Earth takes 365 days to complete the orbit.

The Earth moves slowly in comparison to the Mercury  It is the optical illusion that we observe that the Mercury is in a retrogressive stage.

Planets never move backward but due to the slowness of Earth’ movement, at times it seems that Mercury is moving backward.

What are the astrological effects of Mercury Retrograde?

Having learned about the astronomical aspect of Mercury Retrograde, we shall now learn the astrological effects of this celestial event.

Mercury Retrograde Position
                                                    Mercury Retrograde Position

Mercury as per astrology, is the ruler of communication and its retrogression affects all sort of communication activities on the Earth, whether relating to living beings or to the technology.

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During retrogression, your mail might drop into another’s inbox or the delivery man may deliver your parcel into a wrong house, you may mess up the paperwork, you may feel that words you speak are tangled, your conversations get awry, your thought process is disturbed, misunderstandings arising out of miss communications might give way to heated arguments with dear ones and friends, your pet suddenly behaves erratically and get confused etc.etc.

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The technology, specially related to communication will show signs of dysfunction during Mercury Retrograde.

Your computer network and phone system are plagued during this period, your cell phone or television reception is disturbed, you might miss some important information.

Mercury Retrograde has its implications beyond communication, your big plan for a major purchase might get floored, a very important condition may give amiss to your vigilant eye.

You might be a good driver during the normal day but if the retrograde is affecting you then accidents may happen, you may get late to a crucial meeting owing to traffic jams or malfunctioning traffic lights, your appliances and machinery might malfunction.

The locks that used to operate smoothly during normal days might get stuck or you forget the location of a set of reserved keys.

In toto, if affected by the Mercury Retrograde, your life turns to be that of living in hell, all haphazard and unsystematic.

Mercury Retrograde has the connection with health and having bad health, being injury prone or an undiagnosed medical problem, they all collectively indicate that you are under the effect of retrograde.    

Will everything go wrong during Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury goes retrograde during three times a year for about three weeks at a time.  All the details given above indicate as to what may happen during this period.

This is an ideal period to review, revise and review. The rush for everything in the present material world gives very less time to go through introspection and Mercury Retrograde provides an opportunity to do so.

You can find your problem areas, do away with clumsiness in your habits.

During retrogression, planets are in habit of turning their energies inward, if you are affected by the retrogression turn your energies inward and review what happened in past and plan the ways to get out of the entangles you faced with mistakes committed in past.

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Every negative aspect has a positive aspect and Mercury Retrogression positive aspect is that it gives you an opportunity  to chart out new plans for future, see the life in new perspective and sometimes it is better to move back to surge ahead in life just as you have to pull the string back to hit the target with an arrow.  

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Diwali 2017 – Deepavali Festival Puja Muhurat

It is called in which India is the land involving festivals.

Despite that fact that the many Indian festivals have a unique importance; Diwali (Deepavali) shines as unique and most anticipated gift.

Diwali is famous for five continues times at the end of Hindu month connected with Ashwayuja and it usually occurs in October/ November, and as My spouse and I said earlier Diwali is amongst the most popular and eagerly looked forward to festivals in India.

Diwali comes exactly twenty days and nights after Dussehra.

Diwali 2017 – Diwali Festival Date and Puja Muhurat

diwali 2017 puja muhurat

Diwali (also called Deepavali) also known as “Festival of Lights” it is a symbol of the victory of well more than evil, and people traditionally ignited lamps and place them throughout the home, in courtyards, verandahs, and gardens as an indicator of celebration and traumas mankind.


The festival associated with Diwali also celebrates typically the return of Lord Ramal, King of Ayodhya, regarding his wife Sita and his buddy Lakshmana to Ayodhya via war in which he murdered the demon king Ravana.
It is believed that the individuals lit oil lamps in the process to light their way in the darkness when rebounding home.

This is the reason, why this kind of festival is celebrated every day earlier in South Of India since Lord Rama came from the south to the kingdom in the north.

DEEPAVALI 2017 Calendar

At this point let us discuss the five days in greater detail:

It’s, in fact, the thirteenth laura day of Krishna Paksha (the dark forth night) of the month of Kartik. On this day, Lord Dhanwantari came out of the ocean using Ayurvedic medicine (medicine which often promotes healthy long life) for mankind.
This day grades the beginning of Diwali celebrations. For this day at sunset, Hindus acquire bath and offer diya having prasad (sweets) to Yama Raj and pray intended for protection from untimely death.
This kind of offering should be made next to a Tulsi plant or any other sacred tree that particular might have in their yard.
It is the 14 lunar day of the dim forth night of the thirty day period of Kartik and the event of Diwali.
On this time Lord Krishna destroyed often the demon Narakasur and made the globe free from fear.
On this daytime, we should massage our bodies along with oil to relieve it regarding tiredness, bath and sleep so that we can celebrate Diwali with enthusiasm and commitment.
On this night, Diyas ought not to light.
  • The third day involving Diwali: The Actual day connected with Diwali is celebrated once the moon completely wanes along with total darkness sets in the evening sky.
Deepavali 2017
This is the day anytime worship unto Mother Lakshmi is performed.
Hindus cleanse by themselves and join with their families and the priest and they worship the actual divine Goddess Lakshmi to obtain the blessings of wealth in addition to prosperity, the triumph of a fine over evil and light over darkness.
  • The fourth day associated with Diwali: On this day, Govardhan Pooja is performed.
Govardhan Combat also called Annakut is recognized as the day Krishna beat Indra. Men present products to their wives at this moment.
  • The fifth day regarding Diwali: The fifth morning of the Diwali is called Bhai Dooj.
This is the day soon after Goverdhan Pooja is performed as well as normally two days after Diwali. It is a day dedicated to siblings.
We have heard about Raksha Bandhan (brothers day). Well, it is sisters’ day. This is also generally known as Bhai Fota among Bengalis.
Bhai Fota is a celebration especially among Bengalis if the sister prays for her brother’s safety, success and benefit.

Diwali: Major Hindu Festival

During this Diwali festive folks also exchange gifts using their loved ones and burst firecrackers in the night to express their very own happiness.
Gift giving is of utmost importance on the occasion involving Diwali 2017, as it is a way of connecting respect, friendship, and admiration.
Gifts need not be lavish; downplaying the importance of your reward actually conveys the meaning that the relationship is more significant than the gift.


Panchang – Online Daily Panchang, Monthly Panchang

Panchang | Panchangam | Panchanga

Panchang is a blend of two words pancha + anga. Pancha implies five and anga mean appendages. According to Hindu Astrology time is partitioned into five appendages. Tithi, Vara, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana. Tithi is the separation amongst Sun and Moon. There will be the rough 12-degree distinction among-est Sun and Moon. Both will go to a similar degree on Amavasya and both will come into correct resistance on Purnima. Vara implies weekday. Vedic weekday begins from Sunrise and closures with following day Sunrise. Nakshatra implies Constellation. Rashi chakra isolated into 27 sections, called as Nakshatras. Moon moves in a nakshatra roughly a day. Each nakshatra has diverse connotations. Yoga is additionally the separation amongst Sun and Moon. There are 27 yogas. Karana is half of a Tithi. There are 11 Karanas. Panchang 2017 additionally tells about every day planetary movement. With the assistance of panchang one can choose a decent time for favorable occasions like marriage, house warming and so on. It has vital part in Indian culture.

Online Panchang 2017 – Today’s Panchang
Online Panchang
Panchānga is a Sanskrit word, actually signifying “having five appendages”.

In Vedic crystal gazing, signifying “five traits” of the day.

Tithi, Nakshatra, Rāśi, Yoga, and Karana rely on Moon’s movements, are the five angs.

Give us a chance to take nakshatra of today, contrast and your nakshatra in light of “Nakshatra Tara Chakra”.

Janma ,Sampat,Vipat,Kshema,Pratyak ,Sadhaka,Nidhana,Mitra,Parama Mitra Taras.

2, 4 and 6 are ideal, better and great nakshatras in above arrangement.

The include 7,5 and 3 the above arrangement are bad.

On those nakshatra days abstain from doing any great work.

Bring your diagram and note down all your Grahas and nakshatra position. Do the same nakshatra tara chakra for all planets.

Panchang 2017 – Monthly Panchang

Panchanga implies five organ (panch= five and anga = organ). For Hindu timetable, time for a day have communicated in five distinct styles. They are:

Day-Sunday, Monday, Tuesday-same as English day.

Tithi-position of moon at Sunrise. Timetable shows finishing purpose of time for the tithi that was dynamic at Sunrise.

Karan-Half of tithi, they are 11 altogether and turn.

Nakshatra-position of the star at Sunrise. Schedule demonstrates finishing purpose of time for the nakshatra that was dynamic at Sunrise.

How Panchang Encourages Us?

As I said above, it is an unquestionable requirement thing to choose a Muhurta and great and terrible of a day. All points of interest given in Online Panchang depend on Moon’s travel over Rashi and Nakshatras. It additionally tells do’s n don’ts so one can have better and issue free life.

Indian Holidays | List of Indian Festivals Calendar with Holidays

Indian Holidays Calendar – National Holidays

Indian calendar offers a complete list of the important dates of a particular year. From Indian festivals to Indian Holidays , this calendar provides you detailed information about the important occurrences in a year. Apart from being one Indian Festival Calendar, it also features all the Government and Indian National Holidays. Also, Indian National Calendar which is the Saka Calendar is the official calendar recognized by the Government of India along with the Western Gregorian Calendar. The Saka Calendar is determined on the basis of Hindu months or tropical Zodiacs.

India is a nation where people with diverse cultures and lifestyle reside together and celebrate every important day with happiness and enthusiasm. So a detailed Indian Holidays Calendar proves to be a quick reference when one wants to find out which festival or important occasion is falling on what date. Through this you can find out about the important days of every religious community including Sikhs, Hindus, Jains, Muslims and Christians.

Indian Festivals List 2017

The date for Indian Festivals are ruled by the Hindu Calendar depending upon the ‘Tithi’, Lunar Months, fortnight and several other factors. Indian National Holidays fall on the same date every year including

26th January – Republic Day

15th August – Independence Day

2nd October – Gandhi Jayanti

As per 2017 Indian Calendar, the dates of some important upcoming festivals include

25th August: Ganesh Chaturthi and Ganpati visarjan

29th September : Maha Navami

30th September : Dussehra

8th October : Karwa Chauth

When is Diwali 2017 19th October : Diwali 2017

21st October : Bhaiya Dooj

25th December : Christmas

There are dates of some occasions which are governed by certain external influences such as the appearance of moon especially in case of Islamic festivals.

For a detailed Indian calendar providing all the necessary information , visit MPanchang and get an update on all the important dates of 2017 (the current year) with one click.

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