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Merry Christmas 2017 – Christmas Celebration, Wishes, Quotes

Merry Christmas – The exact time of Christmas year is when we believe our humility, our bondage to our families, and the tradition of giving special gifts to our loved ones.

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Merry Christmas has become a trend either nowadays or in the present day. In the days before, we used to welcome people’s face to the memory of Christmas 2017, but in today’s world, we are capturing so many responsibilities that we want to take the time to meet those people with whom we Celebrate Christmas Were.

In December, students weigh heavily on holidays, which they get on Christmas day. On this day, homework, assignments and essay writing are given to students.

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This is the reason why Christmas messages are the best way to celebrate this huge festival with peace of mind.


Christmas is definitely one of the world’s most popular festivals. We celebrate our lovers with supreme love, care and happiness on this day. However, it may be possible that you stay away from your loved ones and loved ones, and want them to have a Merry Christmas with the help of social media sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Well, here we have joined hands to share the most shareable Merry Christmas Quotes and Merry Christmas greetings and Merry Christmas Images, which you can freely share on this auspicious occasion.

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It’s not a great idea to send all the same messages. Let’s give you a clue – you can choose some inspirational Christmas message for young people, and for older people, you can get some Christmas quotes from the Bible.

Say Happy New Year to Everyone as: A Happy New Year

If you have someone who has recently got married, for them, you can try short Christmas wishes. Here we chose Merry Christmas Messages, best wishes and quotes for your love.

Why is it called Merry Christmas 2017?

The word “Mary” was derived from the popular English word “Mariage”, which means that it is simply pleasant rather than happiness, as we explain in the “childhood” May the phrase “May of my month”.

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According to some reliable sources, Christmas has been celebrated worldwide since the 4th century. However, the first Christmas greeting in 1565 came as a picture in the form of the Hereford Town manuscript: “And so I love you to God, who sends you a happy Christmas.”

Since then “Mary Christmas” and “We Wish You Were A Christmas” became popular all over the world now to celebrate the celebration of this Merry Christmas 2017 with the celebration of the best Christmas Quotes and Merry Christmas Messages as your special people. Feel free.

Merry Christmas Quotes 2017

There are some quotes that publish some real essence of care and good ideas. It may be a great idea to send these quotations in the language of our mother tongue.

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Christmas quotes (for Indians) in Hindi and Christmas quotes (for Spanish and Latin Americans) will be warmed in Spanish.

If you do not get anything good then …

Try to copy some Christmas Quotes in English to send wishes but remember one thing, choose something unique. You can send greetings in different languages.

Christmas Quotes in English

English is the universal language If you want to try some personalized messages in some other languages, make sure that you know the language very well because Google does not provide accurate meanings all the time.

Happy and Merry Christmas

Choosing the quote of Merry Christmas 2017 in English is the best way to stay safe in that case.

See our collection of Christmas collection in English-

Christmas brings family and friends together; It helps us appreciate the love in our life, which we can get sponsored.

May the correct meaning of the holiday season fill your heart and home with many blessings.
This holiday season can shine and shine, all your desires and dreams can come true, and can you feel this happiness all year round.

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During this season of giving, we take the time to slow down and enjoy simple things. In this wonderful time of May, touch your heart in a special way. Congratulations to you very much today and throughout New Year.
As you my friend, I feel as if it is Christmas every day with this season you come to remember the heat and comfort you come in.
May Christmas Message Fill Your Life With Happiness And Peace In this holiday season, greetings for you and your family.

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This is a great holiday to give you peace, joy and all the best wishes. This unbelievable time of spending time with family and spending brings happiness to you throughout the year.

Best wishes for my Christmas Stories 2017 | Merry Christmas Message

Sometimes the desire for Christmas is done with some world-famous quotes, but sometimes a simple thing becomes so viral when communication from one phone to another and it becomes quite a Christmas quote. CMA wishes you a Happy & Merry Christmas 2017.


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Here, we’ve collected something for you. Start congratulating Merry Christmas 2017 with these

Christmas means in our heart and is shared with family and friends.

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Astrology – as a topic is quite intriguing

Astrology as a topic is quite intriguing. It is believed to be a group of systems and traditions which hold that relative position of celestial bodies can affect and provide information about human traits and personality of human beings.

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It’s a study of the universe, stars and planets and how their movement influences our life.

Vedic horoscope is prepared using the place, time and date of birth and is widely used by astrologers for predicting past, present, and future.

Astrology is used in dealing with various aspects of life like education, marriage, health, family, and finances. It is one of the basic instruments through which one can know about himself.

As a belief, it reduces the uncertainties of life and is used to make plans for future and taking preventive measures beforehand.


Astrology is used to give insight into Zodiac, horoscope and overall future predictions.

It is both an art and science which proves and interprets that planetary position has serious effects on human beings and gives a clear picture of the life of a person.

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It is a divine science and is based on karmic analysis that helps to peep into one’s future.

Horoscope forms an integral part of Astrology as a study and is used to tell influences of planetary positioning and their remedies.

Astrology has become an important and integral part of our daily lifestyle and routine and is widely used for daily horoscopes and weekly forecast.

Instead of fear, it is important to know the science of astrology as it has great influence on our lives and understanding it will only help an individual to lead a happy life.

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To conclude, Astrology is not really important, but it shouldn’t be ignored completely.

It’s a perfect help guide when we are in deep confusion.

All in all, Astrology cannot change your fate but can surely help and give you enough power to fight against your bad fate.

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You must have often come across a term Ephemeris in Astronomy as well as Astrology. It is a widely known fact that the positions of the planets have a deep impact on our lives and to some extent on our personalities. Planetary motions are determined by astronomers and astrologers alike to study their influence on the natural phenomenon as well as human lives. So, what exactly is an Ephemeris? How does it become relevant in Astronomy as well as Astrology? Let us find out answers to these questions and know more about Ephemeris in detail.

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Ephemeris is basically a chart or a book that houses and depicts the position of planets and other celestial bodies at a given point in time. This word is taken from  Latin language and essentially means a diary. So, as its name is, an Ephemeris is a journal or a record of the positions of the planets and stars. Not just the naturally occurring heavenly bodies but the artificially placed satellites also become a part of the Ephemeris chart. In simple words, Ephemeris keeps the record of the movement and position of the celestial body at a specific time of the day in a year. One can find out the position of a particular planet a particular time and day.

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Historically or in the initial days, an Ephemeris was created by manual calculations and a printed copy of the same was produced. But, with the advent of new-age technology, the calculations become more accurate and electronic. The mathematical computations of the position of the planets, Earth and other celestial objects are done electronically and this is how the Modern Ephemeris is produced. This Modern form of Ephemeris is used by Astronomers as well as Astrologers as a guiding document to make certain calculations and predictions accurately.

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Astrologers and astronomers both give immense significance to an Ephemeris to find out the movement of the planets and satellites. Astronomers often refer to an Ephemeris to find out about different terrestrial occurrences such as eclipses, phases of the moon, sidereal time, planet ingresses, planet retrograde, etc. While in Astrology, the guidance of an Ephemeris is required to make horoscope predictions on the basis of the planets, stars and their motion. Astrologers also use it to find the exact movement and position of the planets at the time of one’s birth and chart out the birth chart accordingly.

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Several Celestial Navigation Softwares are also devised with the help of an Ephemeris which in turn are used for Spacecraft navigation. Moreover, with the positions of satellites listed in the Ephemeris chart, it can also be a substitute for Global Positioning System (GPS).

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To check an Ephemeris has become quite convenient nowadays. Several websites such as mPanchang contain ephemeris dating back to many years. One can easily enter the date or month or year for which they want to find out the position of the planets and the Nakshatra and can consult an Astrologer on the basis of the same.     

How mPanchang brings a change – India’s No.1 Astrology Portal

Various aspects of Indian Astrology are covered at India’s No.1 Astrology portal, mPanchang which provides you with detailed information on various aspects and methodology of Astrology.

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Here, all the information is based out of Hindu Vedic Astrology. Let’s proceed with a snitch at what mPanchang bids:

Kundli Match/Kundli Milan
Ekadashi dates, Amavasya dates, Purnima dates, Sankasthi Chaturthi, etc., all the Major tithis covered
Major Vrat & Upavas list
Various Hindu Festivals list
Rahu Kaal today including Rahu Kaal
Today Panchang and Month Panchang including Online Panchang
Based on ancient Chinese Chart, Chinese Gender Predictor is available too

Enrich your soul with the aspects of Astrology

Astrology plays a vital role in enhancing as well in making us a better person in many ways, i.e., our personality, traits, vision, thoughts, etc. To improvise ourselves in our day to day lives, there are a lot of ways which we adore and follow.


With the help of Astrology, a lot of circumstances and phases can be made better. mPanchang has been established with an understanding of the basic requirements and demand of the audiences!

Hence, here all the related subjects casing and unfolding the Indian Astrology are stated. May it be Kundli, Kundli Match, Rahu Kaal, Panchang. In the Hindu Vedic Astrology, everything and anything mentioned can be found on this website.

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Let’s talk about the general aspects

Talking about Kundli, all we understand is that kundali can tell about our past, present and future when we talk about kundli or horoscope. But, we need to understand a lot more which and manage.

With the help of detailed kundli version provided by mPanchang, all of this understanding can be gained.

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About various aspects of life which you are not even aware of, this detailed Kundli of yours will narrate you. This can help you increase healthier mental power and advanced self-confidence level.

Speaking of Kundli Match now! According to Hindu Mythology if we love somebody and we desire to get married to them, as per the Hindu traditions, understanding and matching of planets are very significant.

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In enhancing our prominence towards the union that we are keen to get into Kundli Matching plays a vibrant role here. When Gun Milan is done, it also tells a lot about you and your partner. As the planetary positions of both the partners are compared, matched and revealed, Guna Milan tells a lot about the unification.

By mPanchang, get your version of Kundli Matching now. Get in-depth knowledge about many aspects of the union with this detailed Kundli Matching report. All are unique and are constructed with utmost precision by top Astrologers in India covering all the aspects provided to you in the report.

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No auspicious work should be executed during Rahu Kaal, it is believed. Behind the myth, do you know why, when, how and what is the relevance? Get every answer that can be derived and specified here.

‘Rahu Kaal today’ for each day can also be checked. With good times and bad times, this will keep you updated. Any auspicious work with the correct knowledge of timing can be started. Hence, you should stay updated, intact and connected!

Seeing Rahu Kaal, one of the most important aspects of Astrology, ‘Panchang’ becomes automatically. To stay updated with good and auspicious timings, Panchang for the day or month gives an individual.

During your day everything that you do and implement depends on planetary positions and timings. Keeping an accepting of both, Panchang, plays a vibrant role. Each day and month, mPanchang keeps you updated with Panchang!

To tune yourself with good times and attain new heights in life, make use of ‘Today Panchang’ and ‘Month Panchang’.

In the form of various festivals, Indian traditions are rooted which also includes numerous Vrat and Upvaas. The beauty and aura of Indian traditions and values are constituted by these Festivals and Vrat.

So, to keep it more intact, we would like to make it reachable to as many people as possible. On mPanchang, along with the list of major Vrat & Upavas, get a list of major Indian, Hindu Festivals.

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It is just a glimpse of many aspects and points covered on mPanchang which is mentioned above. After an intense research, the information which is showed on mPanchnag is built with the highest accuracy.

To get the best & precise informational details to our audiences, our team of Astrologers and specialists works day and night.

When it is available with such an ease, why not to get the best?

To know everything about Astrology,
Visit, mPanchang!

Ekadashi – A way to Connect with Krishna

Ekadashi – A way to Connect with Krishna

For three days, Ekadashi fasting is observed. The single meal is taken by the Devotees a day before the fasting day in the afternoon to make sure that on the next day there is no residual food in the stomach.


The day of Ekadasi can be observed as an austerity – not using your favorite spices or not eating grains; it is believed to be the poison which turns out to be a sugary substance of let’s say nectar.


On both days, Ekadashi fasting is kept by staunch devotees who seek affection and love of Lord Vishnu. One day after of Smartha fasting day occurs the Vaishnava fasting day.

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A wonderful opportunity for all spiritual practitioners to intensify their devotional service is the fast of Ekadasi as it brings the devotees closer to Krishna.

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For Smartha, when an alternate Ekadashi fasting is suggested, it coincides with Vaishnava Ekadashi day of fasting.

On two consecutive days, at times, Ekadashi fasting is suggested. On the first day only, it is believed that Smartha with family should observe strict fasting.

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The second one, which is the alternate Ekadashi fasting is suggested for widows, Sanyasis and for those who seek Moksha.


On Ekadashi day, devotees observe a strict fast and on the next daybreak the fast only after sunrise. During Ekadashi fasting, eating of all type of cereals and grains is prohibited.

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 On every 11th Tithi in Hindu calendar, Ekadashi fasting is observed.

Two Ekadashi fastings are observed in a month, one during Krishna Paksha and another during Shukla Paksha.

Ekadashi fasting is observed by the devotees to seek blessings from Lord Vishnu.

Devotees can choose to keep the fast with only water, without consuming water,  with one-time latex food, with only fruits according to their body power and will.

However, it should be decided before starting the fast.

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Hindu Astrologers and Vedic Astrology has named nine planets which influence our life largely. These planets are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu are two malefic planets which come with negative effects and are quite strong and powerful. Rahu Kaal is the time duration of the malefic Rahu.

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Commencement of an auspicious work is not advisable during Rahu Kalam. Observing any Hawan or Puja during the phase of Rahu can have some disastrous outcomes given its malefic effects.

Such puja or auspicious activity will not be culminated successfully. So, to keep any auspicious ceremony obstacle-free, knowing about the Rahu Kalam timing becomes mandatory.

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The calculation of Rahu Kaal is done using the time period of sunrise and sunset. The exact total of the timings between sunrise and sunset is calculated which is then divided by 8 (each day between sunrise and sunset is made up of 8 segments) and we get the 8 units which make a day.

The duration of Rahu Kalam is 90 minutes or 1.5 hours. Astronomically as well as astrologically, the positions of the planets as well as the stars vary time to time. So, no two days can have the same duration of  Rahu Kaal. Rahu Kaal Today will be different from Rahu Kaal tomorrow or day after.

This makes finding out the Rahu Kalam timing extremely important when starting a new venture. Hindu culture and religion gives immense importance to Rahu Kaal. Auspicious work such as Grah Pravesh, automobile purchase, marriage rituals among others are never initiate without due consideration to Rahu Kalam Chart and timings.   


Rahu Kaal falls on specific timings on everyday of every week. The first time phase after Sunrise is considered Auspicious as it is not affected by the ill-effects of Rahu. Rahu Kalam timings for everyday of the week are :

1) Monday – 2nd Unit

2) Tuesday – 7th Unit

3) Wednesday – 5th Unit

5) Thursday – 6th Unit

6) Friday – 4th Unit

7) Saturday – 3rd Unit

8) Sunday – 8th Unit   

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Not much importance is given to Night Rahu Kaal as no auspicious activity or religious ceremony ever begins post sunset. So, calculating Rahu Kaal after sunset does not hold much significance.

The calculation of night Rahu Kaal is done on the similar lines, the only difference being that the total time between sunset and next day’s sunrise is measured and calculated and then the total is divided by 8.

Rahu Kaal timings are only observed when commence of a work is considered. If the work has already begun, then Rahu Kaal has no effect whatsoever. Puja, Hawan related to Rahu or puja performed to propitiate Rahu should done during Rahu Kalam so as to achieve the best results.

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When is Today’s Rahu Kaal? How Rahu Kaal can affect various events? Know more about Rahu Kaal, its accurate timings and other inauspicious timings, then visit mPanchang.

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A well-structured and defined site of the heavenly bodies or heavens in time and location over a specific space at a particular moment termed as ‘Horoscope’.


The house cusps lunar nodes, which also includes the ascendant, zodiac signs, midheaven, fixed stars and much more. When a Horoscope is constructed alongside, with those which are calculated purely on the factors, the positions and time of the actual planets are located and placed in the chart.

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An Astrological chart which can be accurate to a person’s event such as the moment of birth or diagram which showcases the positions of the Sun, Moon, Astrological aspects and Planets at crucial angles at the time and place of an event is termed as a Horoscope.

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It is known that Horoscope word is taken from the Greek words, ‘hora’ and ‘scopos’ which means ‘time and ‘observer’.

Many magazines and newspapers carry predictive and progressive columns in particular which are very well written in phrases and prose which may be made for increasing readership that is related directly to any other aspects of the Solar System or the Sun.

In relation to the placement of the zodiacal Sun on the month of birth, all these predictions are allegedly based on celestial influences.

To prove the accuracy of Horoscopes there is no scientific study which has been done.

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Daily Horoscope, Weekly Horoscope, Monthly Horoscope and Yearly Horoscope, Horoscope is categorized on these four bases.


Astrological Chart, Radix, Vitasphere, Chart Wheel, Natal Chart, Sky-Map, Celestial Map, Cosmogram, Star-Chart and simply Chart at times, there are many other similar words which are given to Horoscope.

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It is observed that Horoscope has not shown any effect beyond pure chance, in various tests, a control group between subjects and experimenters and strict methods are kept to include a proper blinding.


It is very much possible to construct foretelling and personality descriptions as we go further, some physiological experimentation and tests have showcased that which are enough to satisfy maximum members of a large audience simultaneously.

Strictly based on the position of the Sun at the moment of birth in the common usage, you can refer to Horoscope as it can be considered on the calendar importance of an event (Chinese Astrology). An astrologer’s interpretation which is based on a system of solar Sun Sign Astrology.

Interpretations did by the Astrologers, there is no supportive behaviour which has come up to support the methods to make them look pseudo-scientific.

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 KNOW IT ALL – mPanchang

Transmission of the alleged influence between the position of stars and a person in the sky at the moment of birth of an individual, there is no known interaction exists that could be held responsible for the transition.

This is what we realize when we talk and discuss the modern scientific framework.   

These predictions are done by well-experienced followers of Astrology and top Astrologers. All of these can be understood and derived with the help of mPanchang.

Know, Daily Horoscope, Monthly Horoscope and Yearly Horoscope now!

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