How mPanchang brings a change – India’s No.1 Astrology Portal

Various aspects of Indian Astrology are covered at India’s No.1 Astrology portal, mPanchang which provides you with detailed information on various aspects and methodology of Astrology.

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Here, all the information is based out of Hindu Vedic Astrology. Let’s proceed with a snitch at what mPanchang bids:

Kundli Match/Kundli Milan
Ekadashi dates, Amavasya dates, Purnima dates, Sankasthi Chaturthi, etc., all the Major tithis covered
Major Vrat & Upavas list
Various Hindu Festivals list
Rahu Kaal today including Rahu Kaal
Today Panchang and Month Panchang including Online Panchang
Based on ancient Chinese Chart, Chinese Gender Predictor is available too

Enrich your soul with the aspects of Astrology

Astrology plays a vital role in enhancing as well in making us a better person in many ways, i.e., our personality, traits, vision, thoughts, etc. To improvise ourselves in our day to day lives, there are a lot of ways which we adore and follow.


With the help of Astrology, a lot of circumstances and phases can be made better. mPanchang has been established with an understanding of the basic requirements and demand of the audiences!

Hence, here all the related subjects casing and unfolding the Indian Astrology are stated. May it be Kundli, Kundli Match, Rahu Kaal, Panchang. In the Hindu Vedic Astrology, everything and anything mentioned can be found on this website.

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Let’s talk about the general aspects

Talking about Kundli, all we understand is that kundali can tell about our past, present and future when we talk about kundli or horoscope. But, we need to understand a lot more which and manage.

With the help of detailed kundli version provided by mPanchang, all of this understanding can be gained.

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About various aspects of life which you are not even aware of, this detailed Kundli of yours will narrate you. This can help you increase healthier mental power and advanced self-confidence level.

Speaking of Kundli Match now! According to Hindu Mythology if we love somebody and we desire to get married to them, as per the Hindu traditions, understanding and matching of planets are very significant.

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In enhancing our prominence towards the union that we are keen to get into Kundli Matching plays a vibrant role here. When Gun Milan is done, it also tells a lot about you and your partner. As the planetary positions of both the partners are compared, matched and revealed, Guna Milan tells a lot about the unification.

By mPanchang, get your version of Kundli Matching now. Get in-depth knowledge about many aspects of the union with this detailed Kundli Matching report. All are unique and are constructed with utmost precision by top Astrologers in India covering all the aspects provided to you in the report.

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No auspicious work should be executed during Rahu Kaal, it is believed. Behind the myth, do you know why, when, how and what is the relevance? Get every answer that can be derived and specified here.

‘Rahu Kaal today’ for each day can also be checked. With good times and bad times, this will keep you updated. Any auspicious work with the correct knowledge of timing can be started. Hence, you should stay updated, intact and connected!

Seeing Rahu Kaal, one of the most important aspects of Astrology, ‘Panchang’ becomes automatically. To stay updated with good and auspicious timings, Panchang for the day or month gives an individual.

During your day everything that you do and implement depends on planetary positions and timings. Keeping an accepting of both, Panchang, plays a vibrant role. Each day and month, mPanchang keeps you updated with Panchang!

To tune yourself with good times and attain new heights in life, make use of ‘Today Panchang’ and ‘Month Panchang’.

In the form of various festivals, Indian traditions are rooted which also includes numerous Vrat and Upvaas. The beauty and aura of Indian traditions and values are constituted by these Festivals and Vrat.

So, to keep it more intact, we would like to make it reachable to as many people as possible. On mPanchang, along with the list of major Vrat & Upavas, get a list of major Indian, Hindu Festivals.

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It is just a glimpse of many aspects and points covered on mPanchang which is mentioned above. After an intense research, the information which is showed on mPanchnag is built with the highest accuracy.

To get the best & precise informational details to our audiences, our team of Astrologers and specialists works day and night.

When it is available with such an ease, why not to get the best?

To know everything about Astrology,
Visit, mPanchang!


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